Welcome to my Poetry



Hi I’m Mandy,

I’m am passionate about the environment, human interaction, animal rights and our responsibility to reach out into the community to each other. I am a great lover of literature and all forms of poetry from Ted Hughes to Brian Pattern. This site is about honest communication of the human condition. Full respect to the published and the amateur alike. If you would like me to publish something, I will, ┬áso long as it doesn’t directly fly in the face of my basic principles. Please enjoy, comment, share if you like. Comments both positive or offering suggestions are very welcome. Follow me on twitter and take a look at my family WordPress site, ‘The Stokes-Geddes Chronicles’ where myself and my daughters muddle our way honestly through life one blog at a time. Peace.



My mind has twisted corners Dark recesses and shadows I’ll defined valleys Mysterious heights Why does my imagination In hues of reality Call love to the fore Write sonnets  To an infinity That no mortal  Could ensure Insists on seeing purity Against the evident odds When viewed with clarity Would be objectification bare Build pedestals …


Paying protection’s price illusiory and counterfeit In Blood red petals of Love Carefully disguised by harsh crimson light Thrown to the winds of delusion to fall frostbitten amongst that ashes